General Meet Information
Before the Meet Starts…
♦ Please arrive at the pool at least 15 minutes before the scheduled warm – up begins
♦ As soon as you arrive find a place for your things and locate your team.
♦ Once you check in with your coach, have your swimmer write their event numbers on their
   hands so they remember what events they are swimming and what to listen for.
♦ Your swimmer now grabs their cap and goggles and heads to the pool for warm – ups.
♦ The meet usually starts 10 – 15 minutes after warm – ups are over. Make sure your swimmer                         
   is with their team waiting for their first event
♦ According to USA Swimming rules (because of insurance purposes), parents are not allowed on the deck unless they are serving in an official capacity. Any questions or concerns need to be directed to the coach and they will pursue the matter accordingly.
♦ There are two different types of forms you will want to look for to help you keep track of your swimmers events,
                                Psych Sheet – a list of all swimmers in each event in order of seed time
                                Heat Sheet – list of actual heat and lane assignments
Meet Starts
♦ Check with your coach for specific instructions on when you need to be at your lane for your heat. A swimmer usually arrives a few heats in advance to make sure they are in the correct spot.
♦ Once you hear your heat called you should look for the “clerk of course” of “bullpen” you will then be escorted to the proper lane
♦ For the larger meets expect 4 – 8 heats in each event
♦ After each swim ask the timer your time and find your coach to discuss your swim
♦ Things you as a parent can do after each swim:
                • Tell your swimmer how great they did and how proud you are
                • Take them back to the team area and relax
♦ Once you are finished with your events you can leave but please check with your coach to be sure you are not included in a relay or another event.
What should be in Your Swimmers Swim Bag?
For Practices…..
·         Swim Suit
·         Towel
·         Swim Cap
·         Goggles
·         Bottle of Water
·         Flippers
·         Change of clothes
For Meets….
·         Swim Suit
·         Extra Towels
·         Swim Cap
·         Goggles
·         Bottles of Water
·         Sweat Suit (2 they will get wet)
·         Healthy Power Snacks
·         Something comfortable to sit on
o   Sleeping Bag
o   Blanket
o   Chair
·         Things to keep busy
o   Games
o   Books
o   Ipod
o   Coloring Books
Swimming Information
Skills: The four competitive swimming strokes are:
Freestyle also known as the crawl: consists of the swimmer alternates arm strokes over the surface of the water along with a flutter kick.
Backstroke: consists of an alternating motion of the arms with a flutter kick while on the back
Breaststroke: consists of simultaneous movements of the arms on the same horizontal plane and the legs kick simultaneously as well like a frog. “Pull, Breathe, Kick, Glide”
Butterfly: Both arms recover at the same time over the water combined with an underwater dolphin kick
Types of Events:
                Individual Medley: Also know as the IM, a swimmer will
                swim all four strokes in a specific order:

                          Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle
Medley Relay: The stroke are swum in the same order as the IM but is made up of four swimmers. The first swimmer swims Butterfly, the second swims Backstroke and so on...
Freestyle Relay: an event that consists of four freestylers, each swimming one quarter of the total distance of the event.