Coach Jenn/Head Coach

Hi, I am Coach Jenn! I started my Sea OTT Swimming program in 2011 to fit the needs of all swimmers.  My program truely has something for everyone!  When designing the program I took into consideration the opionons of swimmers, parents and coaches and was able to create a flexible program that allows the swimmers to make it what they want in a swim program while still making the sport fun!

I come with many years of coaching and swimming experience.  I was a year round competitive swimmer for 12 years and after ending my own swimming career I began helping others with theirs. I was a breaststroker who swam with YMCA teams, USA Club teams, and Summer League Teams my whole career.  I am in my 15th year of coaching and I have had the opportunity to represent NJ Swimming by coaching the NJ Zones Team many times.  I have had swimmers qualify and compete in the Junior Olympics many times.

I have helped build 2 USA Swim programs in the past and now have the opprtunity to do it again with my own program. I am the Head Coach of the Madison Community Pool summer team and have been for 15 years.  I also provide swim lessons to swimmers of all ages privately at my home over the summer or at the College during the Winter.  I am an ASCA Level 3 certified coach, certified in CPR, First Aid and Coaches Safety Training under USA Swimming.

I persoanlly hire all of the coaches and instructors who work at Sea OTT Swimming.  I take pride in the fact that Sea OTT Swimming follows a systematic progression in the way that we teach and coach allowing the swimmers in the program to focus on stroke technique and development in small group settings while continuing to build endurance.  Almost all of my Sea OTT Swimming employees were either fomer swimmers of my or are currently still swimming today.  My staff consist of the best coaches and instructors you will find.  They all truely love their job and absolutely love working with each and everyone of your swimmers!

My father Coach John has been a big support for me as a pursue my dream of running my own swim program! He is a certified coach with many years of experience. 

I am the proud mother of 2 boys Gavin and  Logan! Both my boys began swimming at the age of 10 weeks and love the water.  We can not wait for the day that they become Sea OTTers themselves!

Contact Coach Jenn (973.214.5285)